Why do I do it? #heart #respect #gratitude #love #awareness #kindness #advocacy

keep calm

I had a lovely comment from an old friend today and it made me remember why I write and blog about my illnesses when it would be easier on my health, and easier on those relationships who might prefer not knowing, and wished that  I “kept it to myself”.

Its simple. I am doing it for awareness, break down the silence and prejudice that exists and I hope that by spreading the message that more people will be able to keep their bonds with the people they love and care about without being forgotten or deserted because these are life long conditions without a cure…YET xox

It’s not easy writing about these things. It means opening yourself up for all to see and judge. But I care more for those that have been affected by these diseases and had their lives slowly stripped away and their character attacked than I do for myself.

I believe that through awareness and compassion things can change, and doing my little bit on my Facebook, my artwork, my website, and writing for all the other websites around the world, each little bit helps to break down walls of ignorance and silence.

Thank you to my hubby, my furries, my friends, loved ones and supporters!

You are all worth more to me than I can ever say in words!!

Have a great day people and keep spreading the love!


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