Doing it with Flare #relapse #flare #pain #survival #autoimmune #survival #chronicillness

flare day

I was talking to hubby last night about doing a flair survival tips / plan for myself (after all these years) and I thought I would put it out there for notes and additions… (things I can do for myself – non medical)
1. Rest / Sleep / Silence
2. Heat packs
3. Fluids – Lots (ginger tea, water, cranberry juice)
4. very light, healthy snacks (salads, rice cakes, piece of fruit, rice, soup)
5. Music (for me its classical played softly – as long as I dont have a migraine)
6. DVD’s / Movies (as long as I dont have a migraine)
7. Cool cloth
8. Gentle massage and stretching (hubby assists if I cant manage myself)
9. Scented candle
10. Facebook (of course)
11. Pets, pets and more pets (cuddles and kisses)
12. Dreams with hubby, memories with hubby, cuddle with hubby
13. Outside / Garden time (In wheelchair when necessary)

14. Deep breathing and mediation (sounds corny but it actually helps me personally)
15. Have a good cry… I deserve it
16. Pinterest / Blog / Twitter
17. National Geographic / Documentaries / Science programs
18. Remember other people. I don’t want to spend to much time in “poor me land”
19. Tell the ones I love that I love them
20. Live life through my hubby and sit tight while he enjoys some HIM TIME doing the things he likes to do…

Gentle hugs,


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