Yesterday I got an unexpected email from a someone and then
last night I learnt that someone from my past had died suddenly, of a heart attack.

Very sad for his family and loved ones and I send my thoughts. Although I didnt really know him, both people have reminded me of this important lesson.

Life changes suddenly. How well do we cope with change? Does it make us sad, does it make us collapse in on ourselves? Does it set off denial and make us cling to old ways and old habits? Do we accept it and keep moving forward? Do we cling to the idea that life isn’t fair and shouldn’t do this to us? Or do we look for better ways to cope with changes?

How do you cope with change?

In many ways change is a constant theme in life – and the only things that don’t change are either not living or not learning.

Not all changes are easy or desirable ones but we can still try and extract the best we can from the past and the present and use them as tools for the future.

Sometimes letting go of the past, letting go of people and accepting that life has changed [again] and allowing yourself to turn the page or close the book is one of the hardest things in life.

Gentle hugs,

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