Happy anniversary!

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Its our 7th anniversay.

There are so many times that I look and my hubby and think “How on earth did we get here and how did we make it through??” Some things defy logic.

When I find myself unable to answer some things in life I try to remind myself of the things I am sure of. For our 7th anniversary I have thought of 7 things I like about this person I married.

1. I like the way he knows a lot about geology, history, airplanes and Star Trek.

2. I like the way that he accepts that I love girly things and bling and never questions it; ever.

3. I find it amusing that he wears the same combinations of tshirts and jeans until they literally fall apart. No matter what season it is, no matter what occasion it is, no matter where we are going he will always want to wear a tshirt and jeans even though I have begged him to try other articles of clothing. I will never stop asking him to change and he will never stop resisting. That’s marriage I guess.

4. He is not romantic. Not in the conventional sense. He wont leave petals around the floor or plan a romantic rendezvous somewhere but he bring me my favourite coffee everyday and read to me when I am in terrible pain.

5. I think there is nothing he hasn’t done or wouldn’t do to for us and he has never run from anything that has happened or walked away… no matter how hard or painful it got. He even learnt how to inject me with my meds!

6. He likes Dr Who, Star Wars, Sci fi, gaming, golf and British comedy.

7. Whenever I feel at my worst and I collapse into a crying, scared and broken mess … he always says the same thing each time… [Sometimes I want to scream or kill him]… he says “I find your lack of faith disturbing…” and it always makes me laugh; always.

Happy Anniversary to one of the few people who has ever stood by me, never given up and will NEVER run out of star wars references… ’til death do us part.

Love, always.


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