Ageing with grace #survivor #lifeskills #Love #respect

Ageing with grace…

Means that you know what time means and you are not going to waste it
Means you know what real friendship means so you are happy with the few real ones you have
Means you know wrinkles are not imperfections and make up doesn’t give you beauty
Means your body has changed and you are appreciate the one you have
Means you the difference between attention and respect
Means you no longer lie about who you are or the demons you face
Means you know what matters cant be bought
Means you know what is important cant be replaced
Means trying to look half your age means you are giving away your dignity and your wisdom
Means that wherever you are in life, you can always use your character to keep going
Means you know that people aren’t accessories and you don’t change them like shoes
Means you don’t fear the past, the present or the future
Means you give more than you take
Means you know more than you say, listen more than you speak
Means that you will start over again as many times as it takes
Means you know you cant judge someone else’s journey and where it is taking them
Means that you no matter what you ever do in life, or what ever you achieve, your greatest achievement will be how much you believe in yourself.

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