Where they keep the heroes? #chronicillness #disability #autoimmune #lifeskills

I am having a very difficult time with this piece because I want to say something very important to me but I am not sure how it is going to be received. I don’t think it is going to be popular and I think I may even upset some people. What do I do? Do I keep it to myself or do I dare write my thoughts and someone, somewhere may read it and resonate with it?

I want to be able to tackle a lot of topics in my blogs and that may mean that I will say unpopular things and may even get misinterpreted, disliked, or lose favour; but I will always speak my truth.

I was watching the t.v. and this voice was narrating some about a group of men who drive trucks in Alaska in some difficult conditions. The narrator called them “northern heroes” … my mind light up and I thought to myself “What? What did he just say? Did he call someone a hero for driving a truck in Alaska. It started off a chain reaction of thoughts, like dominoes, which gave birth to this article.

noun: hero; plural noun: heroes;
  1. 1.
    a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Perhaps its just me, but I try and choose my words carefully. Even more today then I used in the mad, impetuous days of my youth. I don’t say ‘severe’ unless it is. I don’t say ‘pain’ unless there is. I don’t say I need ‘help’ unless I do AND I don’t say ‘hero’ unless the person is.

These days anyone and everyone is called a hero for the most questionable of reasons but I rarely, if ever, hear it used with respect to the chronically ill, disabled, Autoimmune, their carers and supporters. This group are usually pushed towards the background and RARELY are they news worthy. There are sporting awards, Acting awards, Artistic awards, Science awards and Fashion awards, but when was the last time you read about the Carer of the Year prize? The Most resilient patient survivor award? The most patient Chronic sufferer? The most courageous parent with a disability? The most loving and devoted Partner award? And so on…

These people personify the word HERO/ES and they do what they do without ever receiving anything but the gentle touch of their loved ones hand and the occasional smile on their pained and long suffering faces. As for the Chronically Ill, having endured a life of pain, loss, embarrassment, dehumanizing and constant selfless struggle just to do stay alive in the hope of a cure and for the love of their loved ones. Fighting every day for the rest of their lives and rarely breath a word of it to those around them.

That is real sacrifice. That is courage. That is up-at-dawn devotion. That is love. That is nothing short of being a true HERO. In my previous life, the one I had before I became very ill, I had never met a true hero. Ever since I became ill, I have had the very great honor of meeting so many amongst the carers, the fighters, the chronically ill, the disabled and the survivors. There will be no wall of honor for them, no marching bands, no medal on the mantlepiece, no grand tours and interviews, no autographs and state funerals. They will live out there lives as the quiet, forgotten, corageous heroes they are. If you are lucky you may know one, if you are extremely lucky you will love one.

Gentle hugs,


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