Power failure…

Recently I underwent some Autonomic testing at the Neurology Department.

The doctor fired many complicated questions at me and hoped for brief and convenient answers. During the questioning he chided me for one of my answers saying that “Be careful what you say! Words have power!”.
It was days after that as I was picking through the event that it occurred to me why his words had made such an impression and why I wanted to burst into tears as I mulled it over.
You see he had, without knowing it, described exactly how I had been feeling for the past 8 years. I felt POWERLESS.

Nothing I have said to a doctor, or to anyone relating to my health, has made me felt powerful or in control of my health or my destiny.
For the past decade I have been tossed around on an ocean of autoimmune diseases and medicines which has only made me feel more and more powerless.

Nothing I tell my specialists seems to carry any weight or meaning when compared to how much meaning they place in their tests and their own opinions. Nothing I can tell my dear ones and loved ones that carries POWER over what I can do, or what I want to do for them. They will never know what this feels like for me and how much power it has over me.

Words can have power, they do have power, but the only powerful words that can make any difference to someone with Autoimmune Diseases are “I love you and I am proud of you.”

Gentle Hugs,

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