Ever since…

Its amazing but…

-Since I stopped watching the news I find things to be grateful for all around me.
-Since I stopped reading magazines I like the way I look and the way others look.
-Since I stopped watching the weather I appreciate a lovely day outside with nature and take whatever we get.
-Since I have been at home I am not as worried, anxious and competitive.
-Since I met my husband, I realized the world is not about me and what I want.
-Since I got sick, I take nothing for granted and try and make the most out of everything.
-Since being a fur mum I understand that somethings can not be expressed or said but only felt.
-Since turning 40 I have two lots of friends, the ones that have stuck by me through everything and are still beside me today… and the ones I haven’t met yet.
-Since being loved for who I truly am; I wont accept anything less.

Gentle hugs,


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